Lung Tan Hu Hsueh was establish in June 2, 2012. Comission to found a new art was presented by Sifu John Gordon Lewis, Grandmaster of Shen Lung Kung Fu, to Evan Christopher Hisey recognizing him as Sijo Hai Ming Tao.  Including Sifu Lewis, eight instructors from seven styles acknowledged the founding of the art of Lung Tan Hu Hsueh, they were Grand Master Harry Lawson, Tae Kwon Do; Master Morris Polion, Isshin-ryu Karate; Sifu Charles Heard, Hung Gar; Master Phil Thrash, Aki-ryu and founder Streetwise Karate System; Sijo Grant Nichols, Three Flowers Kung Fu; Sifu Robert Britton, Shen Lung Kung fu; and Instructor Mike Shuttlesworth, Brazilian Jujitsu.


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